Good thoughts make your day. A visit to an old friend for the first time in a year.

Yesterday was a strange day I was allowed to see my old friend Wendy. She is 85 and in a Care Home and had not seen many visitors for nearly a year. It was her birthday and was my old Bosses wife Eric Hughes he passed away a few years ago. He was my first Officer I/c at RAF Kinloss and looked after many of us when we were wild and young. Yet he saw in me and others something in us that I will never forget how he helped us. These were tricky time’s for me I could have easily gone off the rails.

When he passed away he asked me to keep my eye on his wife her family all live abroad .

Over the years I have tried to do that we speak most days on the phone and I drop some bit off for her weekly. She is on her own in her room for most of the day in the home. It’s a hard to me for so many as health problems like hearing and eye site fail.

Yet we had a lovely time and she was smiling and laughing at the end. We were outside it was bitter cold but Wendy was out in the fresh air. It made a huge impression on me just seeing her and spending time with her. I feel for so many like Wendy on their own in these strange days. So many have lost loved ones there had been little time to grieve so we must look after the lonely they are not just the old.

It’s amazing how many folk have so much effect on your life. I was lucky with a strong family and great mentors in life ( to many to mention) it’s sad to here of families who do not speak pals you may have fallen out with life is to short. Make that call send that letter or card! Sometimes you get a reply if not you have tried?

My first team as Team Leader. RAF Leuchars.

I have had a few emails phone calls recently a lot from ex Team members who seem to be like me reminiscing. We all seem to be doing it. It’s great to hear that to so many in Mountain Rescue these were great days.

Most like me came into the Mountain Rescue with no experience and so young. We learned from some great mentors who taught us so much. Of course there were some characters who were hard going but in the main most were stars.

They looked after us in hard time’s on the hills when we were learning and running on empty at times. Many of us met on Summer and Winter Course where we learned winter skills and summer rock climbing in Wales. In my time I ran the annual winter Course in Scotland. To many young team members this was their first venture in winter. Early on they snow holed and learned winter skills it was a hard two weeks on these days. They were often flung into Call outs after a big day on the hill and never let us down. Yet it made a huge impression on most who attended.

It’s makes my day to hear from these folk despite the mistakes I made (and there were many) that folk contact me. Many mention so many of the Party leaders and Senior troops who helped them along the way.

RAF Valley

Many only spent a few years in the system but they seem to be the best years of their lives. Most are married now and some were at the time. The families also gave so much for the team and in these days their efforts not recognised. I wish I could have done more at the time to appreciate their efforts. We did start things like families days and even families weekends. The kids loved them it is amazing it took years to get the wife’s and partners to the annual Reunion.

The great thing is that I can pass on to so many others who were involved of their thanks. In these strange days it’s great to hear and speak to so many . A phone call or a message is so important just now

Early days. RAF Kinloss.

Comments welcome !

Rescue course

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Good thoughts make your day. A visit to an old friend for the first time in a year.

  1. Ken Ross says:

    Eric Hughes was great guy. Had some good hill days with him.
    He gave a few lectures to the MMC and he and Wendy joined the club.
    Eric had some of us down to play in the simulators- taking off and landing the Nimrods!!
    His stories include him breaking his arm during a trip to the Alps. – by falling off the bar-stool!
    Give my regards to Wendy bur she probably will not remember me.
    Good you are keeping up with all the oldsters.

    Liked by 1 person

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