Is winter on its way again? Lurg Mor and Bidein a’ Choire Sheasgaich wild hills and the remote Munro top Meal Mor. The remote rock climb “Munroist Reward”.

The forecasts is today the weather will get pretty wintry again. As it’s the Easter holiday and things are starting to open up a bit please be aware.

It is fairly common for spells of wild weather to hit us so keep watching that weather forecast. There are so many weather sites there is no excuse not to be aware. It’s not always been this way as the forecasts were a lot more sketchy in the past.

The Met office and MWIS are very good sites as is the Scottish Avalanche Information Service sites. Information is free so please check what’s happening on the mountains?

From Walk Highlands

“ A challenging expedition to climb two of the remotest Munros. The fine, pointed summit of Bidein a’Choire Sheasgaich would be more celebrated were it not hidden deep in the wilds of Monar, whilst neighbouring Lurg Mhòr is even more inaccessible. The walk can be broken up by an overnight stay in the bothy or wild camping.


I cannot wait for things to open up as I have 2 remote Munro’s left to do. I better get them done as time is getting on as is my body. It’s a long walk or cycle on from Craig but it will be so worth the effort.

A long but good approach track leads to Bendronaig Lodge – this has been widened and smoothed for hydro works and could be done by mountain bike, though the first ascent is long and steep. Beyond there is a stalkers path to Loch Calavie and along the ridge between the peaks, but the rest of the route is very rough and pathless. A serious expedition, far from help, requiring experience of wild country”

Bidein a’ Choire Sheasgaich and Lurg Mor .

These are superb mountains and having done them on several other Munro rounds they are still serious wild mountains.

On my second round of the Munro’s we climbed them from Strathfarrar on a bitterly cold weekend. It was -15 on the hills. This was on the mid 70’s nearly 50 years ago.

We walked in after work on the Friday and had a long wander along the Loch Monar and a very cold open bivy. From here we climbed the rarely ascended the East ridge to the Munro top Meall Mor to the summit of Lurg Mor. The ridge was snow covered and looked daunting but was fine it’s a grand walk to the other Munro Bidein a’ Coire Sheasgaich. This was often called “Cheese cake” by the young troops. Then things went wrong one of the young lads was struggling it was big day for us all and myself and Jim Morning had to drag him off the hill. The weather was extreme but we were fit and strong and got him into the Glen and then had another bivy Pait Lodge. There was no one there but there was a sign in the window allowing access if needed round the back I doubt this happens nowadays ? We met another party in the lodge that were caught in the weather. We learned lots that day there were no mobile phones or chance of rescue.

Most other ascents went fine one great day was with two young troops “Just” William, Tommy Pilling and my dog Teallach we had a bivy that day planned in winter but then the kit was so much better this was the mid 80’s.

I told them the story of the past epic. They both loved that few days and it was so good to introduce them to these wild hills. Both became sound mountaineers.

I had planned to complete these hills again with some pals via a rock climb aptly named : Munroist Reward but I got ill for a few years and I think that is now long gone. The route is so aptly named. I have seen this climb when I was looking in the Corrie.

Munroist Reward – 300 ft Vs 4c

90m, 2 pitches. The left edge of the main slabs by a series of overlaps.

R Everett, D Gaffney 23/Jul/1988.

Has anyone climbed this route ? I bet it has few ascents ?

The Bothies are out of use just now due to Covid but there are some great places to stay in the area. Of course a tent makes these days a bit better but please whatever you do : Respect the land, take all your rubbish with you and treasure every day in the wild. Be safe and have fun these are hills to savour .

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Lorna M says:

    I’d always wondered what Pait Lodge looked like. Then I saw this:
    A girl can dream, eh?

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