Colonsay – The Whale sculpture.

I listen to the news that so many folk want to go abroad for a holiday yet in Scotland there is so much to see. How many miss out ? I was very lucky to get a break with my friend Kalie and her sister. I was on the Isle of Colonsay and one of the places we wanted to visit was the Whale sculpture near Kiloran Bay. Kalie had been before and we had a cracking walk along the beach and then along the track to the sculpture. This is from a piece on the web explaining who built it and why !

Whale Skull

“A fascinating, huge sculpture of a whale, formed from beach stones found on the raised beach, on a flat piece of ground by Port an Obain, just north of Kiloran Bay. The sculpture is the work of artist Julian Meredith, and visitors are encouraged to add a stone to the sculpture and fill in any empty areas of the whale outline.

The whale stretches 525 feet from nose to tail. Though it is easily visible at ground level, by far the best way to appreciate the enormous sculpture is to ascend one of the hills that surround this sheltered bay.

The sheer scale of the sculpture is stunning; when you stand at one end the other end seems to stretch out forever away from you. 

Finding the sculpture is easy. Just take the Balnahard road from Kiloran beach and keep going over the long, slow rise. When you start to descend the far side you will see the whale sculpture spread out on the low ground ahead. “

It was an incredible amount of effort to make this a work of love. I am sure the effort was incredible and to see it close up was a joy. On the way we saw some wild goats they were massive on the crags and cliffs. There are huge cliffs and howffs about and I am sure it was near here that we bivied in a cave on a huge search. The flowers are coming out in the machair and on the beach were the remains of a huge whale it had been there and the bones were bleached by the sun

I went for a wander round the cliffs it was incredible and the sun came out along with a breeze. It was then back for a brew then the last ferry home via Oban. I got home at 0130 but what a great part of Scotland.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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