Toilets ? They are a basic need ? Now sadly how each Community is now paying and looking after them.

Many will notice public toilets are being closed due to lack of money as one who travels all over Scotland I have noticed this and have been thankful to find some still open, thank you Nairn. My friend on the West Coast sent me an article on toilets up North. I have already seen what happens and where folk will relieve themselves outside a shut toilet, surely not the answer?

Its a need we all have especially as we get older. Needing to visit a toilet!

I love my country but after years of Council cuts due to various political parties not raising Council taxes there are very few toilets that are run or open by the Council’s. I love the Highlands and was up in Torridon the other day. It was an early start and I was pleased to see the toilet at Kinlochewe open. It is looked after paid for by the community and rely on donations to keep it going. I always donate when I use it, I wonder how many do?

Kinlochewe Toilets

All over Scotland this is happening it’s now the accepted norm. I wonder what all those who visit these areas think? In my mind it’s a sad state of affairs and will only get worse?

What’s the solution folk complain about using the outdoors as a toilet but surely those little Communities need help and it is a basic human right to have a basic toilet facility in these places.

I am sure if some of the Executives who run these Councils on big wages took a pay cut or they looked at some of their expenses money could be found from somewhere? What is the Scottish Government policy on this they have a policy for nearly everything so why not the toilets maybe they could all agree on it. I want my Country to be place where all are welcome and a basic thing like toilets are available for all.

Yet some places are getting better I was in Glen Affric a few years ago and there was a new toilet run by the Forestry Commission and cleaned daily by a lovely lassie. It was a joy to use and the visitors were amazed. If it can be done in a remote Glen by some visionary Forestry Commission why not in the towns villages and tourists areas.


The Scottish Outdoor Access Codehelps ensure that everyone has statutory access rights to most of Scotland’s outdoors.  With regards to pooping outdoors, it says “If you need to urinate, do so at least 30 metres from open water or rivers and streams. If you need to defecate, do so as far away as possible from buildings, from open water or rivers and streams, and from any farm animals. Bury faeces in a shallow hole and replace the turf.”

That makes sense, doesn’t it? So for wild peeing, don’t wee into streams.  Don’t poo near anything that something might stand in, slip on or eat (urgh) your deposits. Digging a hole to go in is the best idea, if you can. Then just cover up your droppings and walk away whistling at a jobby well done. 

Some even say that if you have a dog poo bag, you could poo into that, then perhaps double-bag it for everyone’s sake before disposing of it correctly. If you try this, do let us know how you get on…


Comments welcome ?

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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7 Responses to Toilets ? They are a basic need ? Now sadly how each Community is now paying and looking after them.

  1. John Bainbridge says:

    And the same this side of the border. When you can find one at all, they tend to be run now by local communities on an honesty box basis, as the local authorities have shed their responsibility. And I see in the Lakes the National Park authority are making the charge on plastic only, which discriminates against cash users.

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  2. I taught Law and Finance at a high school in the USA during the Trump years. I never said what my politics were. I told the students to VOTE. If you like what’s happening in the country, VOTE. If you don’t like what’s happening, VOTE. (but don’t try to vote if you are not a US citizen).

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  3. Jim higgins says:

    I was refused entry to a hotel in Ayr as it was for private functions and patrons only. I had my 4 yr old grandson bursting for the toilet so I just let him pee against the wall.


  4. Peter Aikman says:

    Here’s a tip – If you are in a bothy – ( you know the rules ) -. but after you dig a hole, poo and cover it up, then dig tomorrow’s hole, replace the sod and mark it with a stick. Then the next day, and it is raining, you don’t have to start off by digging out a sod – a quick flip of the spade and your hole is waiting for you, and you stay a little dryer.

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