A short visit to Ayr and at last a trip to Arran. Looking forward to a good few days.

Thanks to all near my home” The old Fort”

It was great to see family in Ayr and visit old haunts but it was a short visit as I was heading for Arran in the afternoon. I left the car in Ayr and got the train to Ardrossan the first train trip for a while. The train was busy as was Ardrossan and I walked from the South beach station to the ferry. It was so busy with a fun fair and lots of folk out enjoying the weather.

It was a great trip across and lots of memories of past days in Arran. The weather was superb for the short crossing and I met my friend Kalie and Islay her dog at Brodick. it was very busy. I love arriving in Arran it’s just one of these special places and memories for both of us of family holidays on this incredible island.

Catacol .

We were staying in a wee bothy on the North West side of Arran away from the crowds at Catacol.

Catacol is a picturesque village just south of Lochranza, in the northwestern corner of Arran. Its name come from Old Norse and translates loosely as ‘gully of the cat’. This is thought to refer to wildcats that were once native to the area.

The village lies near the mouth of Abhainn Mor, a river flowing down from the heights of Glen Catacol. Between the village and the bay is a stretch of beautiful sandy beach that makes Catacol a magnet for visitors.


The most famous landmark in Catacol is a row of terraced 19th-century cottages known as The Twelve Apostles. The ‘Apostles’ were built in the 1860s to accommodate people cleared from land in the island’s interior so that the land could be used for deer stalking, then a popular activity amongst the upper classes.

The new residents of the terraced cottages were supposed to earn their living by fishing. To make this easier, each cottage had a first-floor window of a different shape. In theory, the woman of the house would light a candle to signal to her husband, fishing in Kilbrannan Sound (the western arm of the Firth of Clyde), and then would know which cottage was signalling by the shape of the window outlined by the candlelight.

We arrived took Islay for a wander and sat outside after dinner it was a lovely night. The midges arrived later but it did not spoil the evening. The forecast is good so we will go for a wander round the local area as it’s mostly new ground to me tomorrow.

Evening light

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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