Kinloch Castle up for sale on Rum!

Sorry no blogs as I was over on the West Coast and the internet was down. It’s sorted now !

I see Kinloch Castle is up for sale on the Island of Rum. I have great memories of the Island. We did a few call outs here mainly for bird watchers in the past. The locals were always so good and did so much for those in trouble on the Island. I have written about these call outs on my blog.

We also several times took our boat known as “Daz Boat” over at night many years ago just after a huge lightning storm. We had NVG’s (Night Vision Goggles)and saw a Whale as we crossed. It was another great memory. On landing in the dark a few thought we were SBS off a Submarine and we milked that one on the Island. We also had a Sea King drop off some more fuel as the late John Coull (RIP)drove in our boat the locals and the folk from the Castle round the Island.

In these days it had a wee hostel attached and a bistro that we booked a meal. I spent the day on the ridge and was picked up Dibidil bothy by our “Daz Boat” That saved a big walk out.

It was then a big meal

after changing and we met some lovely lassies from St Andrew’s University who were working for the summer on the Island. One came over the ridge with us.

Later on we had a great party in the Castle and even in these times it was starting to look unloved and drab. Yet inside we’re so many treasures of the man behind it’s building. Such wealth for one person to be able to build this is to me surreal. Yet I will never forget that night.

I doubt if anyone will buy the Castle and wonder what will happen to it. As for me and many others I have incredible memories.

The locals and the team!

Kenny K – There is a really good story there… you may have written it already. Great few days – dragging stags off the hill… nearly getting shot, tick nests. In fact, there was a really good story for every one of my Rhum (English spelling) visits (i.e. the Post Office incident).

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