More on Big Boots on climbs some of the comments received.

These are just a few comments of Climbing in Big Boots some classics :

Mark Hartree – Had some fun days in big boots. Slabs in Wales, ridges in Scotland, sea cliffs on Anglesey. (Dream of White Horses in plastics) “Great being youthful”

Al Barnard – With Stampy on Route 2 on the Ben, and then going off route on to Bullroar……your lead Stampy! Bold!

George Wurr – Not allowed to wear stickies until you can lead VS in boots and hillbag!

Don Williams – Never had any stickies so always used boots. I was not a great climber but could manage (just on VS). Navigation was my forte.

Val Tennety- If your “Boots Vibram aka “Curlies” couldn’t get you up a climb – you shouldn’t be there…on saying that, one-weekend exercise in Torridon – and in mid-winter! I had forgotten my trusted curlies back at Kinloss…so had to go on the hill – Beinn Eighe et al – with my favorite “Tree Thumper” driving attire – Flying Boots…never needed a laxative for months after that escapade – and never ever forgot the curly boots again!

D Williams – Luckily never used my curlies on the hill. Had my personal vibrams from before MR. Used the curlies (highly polished) for the dance at Swallow Falls on a Saturday night if we had base in the area.😂

Mark Pryor -Fell off the last pitch of Amphitheatre Buttress on a summer course ’90s with Al Sylvester . Bonked my head in my Joe Brown helmet. Al said “have you ever had a head injury?”… I said “yeah, fractured my skull twice.” The look on his face.

Al Slyvester – Mark Pryor l should have known you had brain damage before we went climbing 😂😂

Derrick Harman – Big boots and a bivy on the Old Man of Storr late 60’s not long after the first ascent and they used a ladder to cross!

Bobby Motherwell

Agags Groove, big boots wet rock. When confidence was high and the years were kinder.

Pete Greening Aug 21 Yesterday, in Great Gully, Craig yr Ysfa!

Big Boots Great Gully – photo Pete Greening.

Ken Hughes – Pete Greening me and Stormy on one rope, Twiggy and Taxi on the rope behind us. Did a night ascent at midnight after the pub. We ended up sleeping in slings for an hour or two waiting for the pair behind 🤣 …. Well, I had a ledge and Stormy slept in slings 🥃 topped out at dawn to walk off for breakfast.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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