Animal Rescues. Sheep at Applecross and the Bull on the Five Sisters ridge at Kintail.

Lamb rescue

My first animal rescue was around Applecross near the Cioch Nose where several sheep had got stuck on steep crags. Seemingly it was an annual event and a few of the Kinloss Team were sent up to help. As a new troop I was expendable and sent down to get them off the cliff. What happened was incredible and we got 3 sheep of a loose ledge. They were very weak having eaten all the grass about. It was simple wrap a few slings round and lower them off. The shepherd was appreciative and we had a few big drams before heading home to Kinloss. There were no animal harness then!

Off course there was the famous Bull rescue at Kintail in the early 70’s

“I was just a young boy at the time, in the Kinloss Team but I remember the police called up the team to say there was a bull on the ridge. We thought it was a joke.

Bull on Five Sisters of Kintail Ridge
Image caption, Mountain rescuers managed to get the animal back down into the glen below

“The bull was thought to have been frightened by a car on the road in the glen below. The bull managed to get all the way up on to the ridge.

“It wasn’t very happy and it was stopping walkers from traversing the ridge. The walkers had to make a detour to avoid it.”

The Press had a field day “RAF Kinloss MRT were involved in a Bull rescue the Bull called George was safely guided the bull down from the ridge. The Munroist are safe now the Press said. It was over 50 years ago and an old pal Val Tenanty has written on this Callout .

Val and the Bull.

On a few walks on the hills we have found sheep stuck on cliffs and a few in bogs hard work getting them out. Located a few list dogs that seems to be happening more and there are harness’s for rescuing animals now. Early ones were very basic and at times dangerous!

Comments welcome !

Andy Elliot – “I remember we did a sheep rescue in Glen Clova, 4 ewes stuck on a ledge, the farmer said if they stay they’ll die, if they jump they’ll die, so if you manage to get them off it’s a winner all round. I think it was Anthony Crombie and I who abseiled down with a cargo net between us and we somehow bundled them in the net and carried on to the bottom of the crag”.

Eric Sharky “I was certainly involved in sheep rugby in the 80’s on horrible ground near the Cioch nose in Applecross 🤣 A fine day out.”

Dougie Crawford “With Ken Fryer, Brent Craig , Andy Barton…lowered off the bealach na ba cliffs, for the successful rescue of old Murdo Macraes two cragfast ewes…it went incredibly well…then back to the croft for a dram or six…slept all the way back to kinloss….I look at those cliffs now and cringe….youth, sense of bravery and total trust in lowering team….never forgotten”.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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