Great effort by Carnethy Hill Running Club all the 282 Munro’s in a day !

What a great achievement by the Carnethy HRClub all the 282 Munro’s in a day.

Carnethy Munros In A Day – 14th August 2021

282 Munros will give over 282 stories.  

This story started when Iain Whiteside spotted that the 214 Wainrights (named tops in the Lake District) had been done in one day.  That covers four OS maps.  We convened a planning meeting on Zoom to consider how to do the Munros In A Day.  

This was a much much bigger challenge over a much larger area covering Islands, peninsulas and the remotest corners of the UK. It would require complex logistics, planning, commitment, teamwork, reasonable weather and a dose of luck.  Some impressive spreadsheet wizardry by Ian broke the problem down in to short, medium, long and extra-long hill days.  Safety issues discussed, the likelihood of success considered and dates suggested.  Should it be next year in June 2022 with long days and better weather?…no, let’s do August 14th 2021 – in just 53 days’ time.  Crazy?

Nicki Innes set about rustling up the Carnethy ladies and others were given the date to reserve.  After all of the slots were filled on the spreadsheet, then unfilled due to injuries and drop-outs, then back-filled with replacements, over 125 Carnethies plus friends and family members had signed-up and it was game-on with 10 floaters ready to leap into action to fill gaps if needed.  Ken Fordyce sorted the communications plan for the day with his son to semi-automate reporting which doubled as a safety check on the day.  Nicki sorted a master Whatsapp group.  Sub-groups formed in regions quite seamlessly to arrange shared transport, accommodation, safety plans, food and end of day beers.  Guidance for a safe day went to everyone on the basis that if Storm Apocalypse did not hit Scotland on the 14th a common sense approach would prevail and we would go anyway and see what happened.

Fittingly, the first Munro was Beinn Dearg, north of Bruar, bagged at 0755 by Carnethy veteran Keith Burns, who at 79 years young, continues to put many of us to shame.  An Coileachan fell next at 0839 in the Fannichs by your President and his dog Barra who saw nothing all day but clag and rain on their 9 hills.  The youngest Carnethy to summit was Rowan Paris who at the tender age of 3.5 years old, ticked her 5th Munro – Carn Liath across Glen Tilt from where Keith had been earlier. She has with her Mum, Dad and Moss so was in good hands. 

Some big days were put in:

Alex McVey, Iain Whiteside and Eoin Lennon on the 12 Munro Mullardoch Round, 57km, 4,400m in 12hrs,

50km, 4,300m, 14hrs 20mins by Michelle Hetherington over the Monar Munros,

44km, 2,700m, 7.5hrs by Alan Renville across from me on the Beinn Dearg 6 – described as “A character building day out. Rain, thick cloud, wind and a swamp underfoot.”

Everyone put a shift in across Scotland so it is a toss-up as to who had the toughest day: 

Sasha Chepelin, Ali Masson and some pals (who Carnethy need to sign-up) managed 65km, 5,100m in 12.5 hrs on a new ‘South-of-Glen Shiel Round’ which was “Longer than I signed-up for. A pretty spectacular day out though.”  It was 14km to get to their first Munro.  They did twice as much as me in a similar time! 

Kudos though may have to go to Declan Valters who committed solo to the remotest of Munros in Knoydart adding then adding in the Munros South of Loch Cuaich to make a huge round of well over 55km, 5,000m ascent on the roughest terrain in Britain.  

The jeopardy that followed, that had us on the edge our seats like the finale of Line of Duty, was the race by Jamie Paterson and his pal on the Skye Ridge to get Sgurr Nan Gillian done before midnight (having arrived on Skye after 0830!). This team was one of the youngest in the club.  The other was for Declan to be helped out by Mick James and Jonathan Marks.  John Busby had worked out that Declan could not make Gairiach in time.  At 2210 Mick and Jonathan set off and raced to summit Gairich at 2348 just as Sgurr Nan Gillian was confirmed by Jamie.  Poor Jamie then had to run/walk from Sligachan back to Glen Brittle as the Hotel was shut – well it was 0200 in the morning.

In 1988 over 2,000 people tried this in the Boots Across Scotland challenge.  They failed to summit two Munros.  Water Aid has tried several times and in 2007 came close…. <Waiting for confirmation>.  We are certainly the first single group or club to do this, possibly the first ever.

There are so many stories and minor epics so there will be a Carnethy Journal telling them along with the 282 summit shots. Please send in your stories to Ken which I am sure will make great reading.

My hat is doffed to everyone who participated and I am sorry for those who could not make it this time.  It was courageous.  We did it: we pulled together as a club a quite audacious plan; we committed in short time and executed it safely from bagging the first top to ticking the last top.

282 Munros in 15hrs 53 mins.

That will take some beating…. What next….


This Friday from Mark Hartree

Saturday was such a great day. Over 100 Carnethy H R C took to the hills and ticked off all of the 282 Scottish Munros in one day. I did the 9 Fannichs giving a 12hr day. Others did bigger and rougher days with some ticked one or a handful.
The jeopardy was whether the last Skye and Knoydart Hills, especially Gairich, would be done before midnight. Thanks to the supreme efforts from Club members and some herculean efforts we completed all Munros with 12 mins to spare. We think that it is the first time they have all been submitted in one day, but certainly the first time a single club has done it. In 1988 Boots across Scotland tried this challenge with over 2,000 hillgoers to achieve this goal. Their attempt failed (severe weather meant they missed out on two summits). Water aid planned to but cancelled in 2020 due to Covid….
Great teamwork, organisation and commitment by all involved in the great Carnethy.
Here is a random selection of piccies.

All the 282 Munro’s in a day ! Magic

Update / Also, time to complete now thought to be 16hrs 48mins since early summits reported later in the day were topped at 0700.

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2 Responses to Great effort by Carnethy Hill Running Club all the 282 Munro’s in a day !

  1. Iain Thow says:

    Nice going by Carnethy, but only sort of the first ‘all the Munros in a day’, as Edinburgh Uni Mountaineering Club did them all in 24 hours in June 1979 (I had the 11 from Creag Leacach to Lochnagar, an easy 7 hours). Our approach was slightly different as our ‘day’ was from 12 noon Saturday to 12 noon Sunday. We had most of them done by dark on Saturday night but there were a few Sunday finishes, not sure what the final end time was. I think there were about 50-60 of us involved. I do remember one guy finished his set very late on saturday evening and spent the night trying to sleep in a telephone box to get out of the rain! Hope Carnethy had fun doing it, we certainly did. 🙂

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