Windy walk at times on An Ruadh – Mheallan the Little Red Hill ( A Graham near Beinn Alligin

The plan was to climb Beinn Alligin at Torridon but the winds were forecast pretty high. So we opted for a pathless Graham opposite the big Munro . From it you can see a another side of the Munro Beinn Alligin.

We were away early as the rain was coming early afternoon. The drive from Kalies was excellent with the stunning sunrise and autumn colours of the bracken making it an enjoyable drive. The NC 500 was quiet for a change ( it was early but most lay-bys had camper vans in them.

Our hill

Leaving Torridon you head past the car park for Beinn Alligin ( already busy ) at 0845. Then on up to the view point at The Bealach Na Gaoithe. This is a superb viewpoint of all the local hills.

The App Peak finder !

It was then head out into a pathless wilderness of Lochans small outcrops and luckily dryish bogs you also add in many ups and downs. We had “Islay “Kalies Collie route finding and it was fairly dry. I could imagine in bad weather this could be a tricky wee hill.

We had both not been on the hill for a while so took it steady but we seemed fairly sheltered from the wind. It was a warm Southerly wind that we had unusual for this time of year. You pass a few lochs on the route and we had a few stops out of the wind and the views were stunning. Loch Torridon was looking great as were the other outliers all dwarfed by the mighty Beinn Alligin. The Skye darkened as we picked our line up the steep summit cone. We were dodging the wind as much as possible. Though not so high our hill the wind picked up at the last couple of hundred feet. We were glad to reach the shelter of the summit cairn and have some tea and food. It rained a bit as we were on the summit but still clear to see Gairloch and Bos Bheinn.Before the cloud came in I had good views of the slope where many years ago we found a survivor from a big avalanche on Beinn Alligin. They were spotted from the air by my pal “Wee Jock” Cameron who saw a glove in the snow whilst flying in to a search area in the late 80’s. I always remember that day. Looking back it is the perfect angle for a slope to avalanche.

The slope on Beinn Alligin perfect in the right conditions in winter can be serious.

It was then wander back get out of the wind and pick a line back to the car. We had the odd shower but it was fine. We picked a different line back it was a bit up and down but it we were soon at the car. It would have been a bit of a navigation exercise in poor visibility.

We headed for Diabeg and had some lovely soup and tea at Gille Brighde. Then off home.

I heard that an old pal Dougie Borthwick had completed his Munro’s on Slioch and Corbetts on Beinn Damh this weekend. Well done

Dougie in red with Terry on Beinn Damh

Graham included on this walk: An Ruadh-mheallan

Date walked: Sept 2021

Time taken: 4 hours

Distance: 7.3 km

Ascent: 466m

A grand book !

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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