A new book on the way from the Scottish Mountaineering Trust on Tom Patey .

Hamish and Tom Patey photo SMT publications

From the Scottish Mountaineering Trust

“Tom Patey is a Scottish climbing legend who needs no introduction. His climbing escapades, evening antics and desire for adventure combine to produce a character unlike any other in our country’s climbing history.

We are very excited to announce that we’ve just added his biography to our list of future publications. We’ll be working with the author Mike Dixon over the coming months to bring this extensively researched book into being in 2022.” SMT

I love Tom Patey book “One Mans Mountains is a classic” one of the best mountaineering books I have ever read. I know that the Scottish Mountain Trust will ensure this is another great addition to there publications . I am sure Mike Dickson will do a great job of such a book. I hope many of the unknown tales are included. Tom Patey’s spell climbing with the Marines down South and hope Hamish MacInnes had an input into the research before he left us.

I am sure Hamish had Tom’s desk in his house at Glencoe that he used as an office?

Thank you SMT for this project. If it is anything like their publication of Hamish’s last book it will be superb.

I will be awaiting this book eagerly .

Comments as always welcome !

One mans Mountains a true classic! Have you read it ?

From the SMT website Scottish Mountaineering Trust

We are a Scottish charity that provides grants to projects and organisations that promote public recreation, knowledge and safe enjoyment of the mountain amenities, especially in the mountains of Scotland.

The Trust supports:

  • Publication of guides to, and information about the Scottish mountains
  • Footpath construction and maintenance
  • Land purchases that ensure public access
  • Mountaineering education and training, especially that aimed at young people
  • Mountain rescue teams and organisations, for equipment and facilities
  • Renovation of club huts available to the wider mountaineering community
  • Expeditions with educational or scientific objectives aligned with those of the Trust

Our work is financed by donations from individuals and organisations who share our values, and from the publication of guidebooks for the Scottish Mountaineering Club and other books connected with the Scottish Hills.

Where the money goes

Below are shown the totals of the grants and loans made by the Trust in its major areas of activity in the period 1990-2019.

Footpath Construction and Maintenance

£486,000Funding for Mountaineering Scotland

£235,000 Land Purchase £68,500Mountaineering Education and Training

£36,000Mountain Rescue Equipment and Facilities

£74,000Support of Expeditions

£34,500Renovation of Club Huts£315,000

Others – £321000

Total – £1,570,000

Great work so every time you purchase a book from the SMT some of the money goes to good causes.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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