New easy Routes – “sporting lines” in winter Slip, sliding away!

I was looking at a few old photos. It’s great as the memories come back especially when you went a new way up a mountain. Often you did not know what to expect but often the route gave you a surprise. Wandering would take you to some great places and provide some sport. The route below formed in a very cold winter spell in 1990 was only grade 2/3 but was as they say a “sporting line” onto one of Scotland’s finest winter mountains Liathach in Torridon.

Liathach climbing from the path in the Glen Water ice all the way to the ridge.

It’s amazing that in these days we wandered up lines into remote Corries. This gave us so much unique knowledge of these wild areas and great area knowledge. No guide book, or climb by numbers descriptions.

Some of the other mountains like Seanna Bhraigh, Beinn Dearg ( Ullapool) Strathfarrar and An Teallach provided adventures over the years. Rarely did we meet anyone and we were away from the crowds or did we claim the routes. Most were easy but so satisfying to arrive on a ridge by a different way.

Great conditions !

Most were adventures and climbs spotted on summer Stravaigs. We also managed a lot of low level ice routes when the big routes were out due to weather. It’s always worth having a look.

Heavy Handed Loch Broom ice ! Dancing on thin ice.

In the Late 70’s we would wander round cliffs in the winter usually finding some line. Beinn Dearg was always kind to us. I climbed a lot with Mark Sinclair (RIP) who would sing at time’s. The Paul Simon lyrics from 1975!

“Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away” crazy days but magic.

So if you fancy an adventure it does not have to be hard to be enjoyable and there something about picking a “sporting line”up a mountain or cliff. There still lots to do!

Loch Broom ice .

Comments welcome.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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