What’s your favourite hill food?

When I first went on the hills as a very young boy my Dad always carried a huge bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. That was the highlight of many a walk getting a few squares.

In the old days we used to take a few Guinness the night before / not recommended today ? On the hill it was chocolate and the odd sandwich. I remember carrying a can of self heating soup for years “Mock Turtle” never tasted it though! Nothing healthy. On my big walks it was porridge and soup at night we would have rice and whatever we carried there was little in way of lightweight meals. Macaroni, packet soup mashed potatoes and MOD composite rations. They were mainly tinned stew, beans , sausages tinned fish. Tinned custard and Rice were the highlights of the day. Plus lots of tea ! It was in these days that foodstuffs were pretty heavy to carry.

Other ideas jelly babies, sports mixture sweets, cereal bars, crunchies, nuts, dried fruit. M & M’s dates wine gums, pastilles. Harribos various sweets. Flap jacks various , malt loaf and cake. Bananas and fruit! Nuts raisins peanuts were well liked.

Butteries, Oatcakes and cheese, wraps sandwiches jam/cheese, peanut butter. Pork pies mini, crisps, cheese cheddars. Cold cooked sausages. Dried mangos, nuts and raisins.

Nowadays there are so many gels, drinks etc full of balanced ingredients. How things have moved on, Yet I cannot take Gels I do carry a couple and have given them to a few folk who are struggling. I also carry a sports drink “iron brew” a lot cheaper again I hardly use it but gave it away recently on Beinn Sgreathail.

A good breakfast Porridge !

Finally : Have a good breakfast porridge seems very popular with fruit. Drink plenty of fluid before you go and when you return.

If your talking your dog ensure you are carrying some food for the dog!

The classic Mars Bar – how many broken teeth in winter ?

Nowadays I hardly eat chocolate on the hill but carry a mixture of nuts, cereal bars, jelly babies and brownies. It took me years to take sandwiches on the hill honey, jam and peanut butter. I carry a small flask in winter so worth the weight with honey tea or hot chocolate .

Insulated bottle cover.

Fluid can be a problem in winter but I have a good insulated bottle when it’s cold I put in hot Ribena or Orange. I used that bottle in Alaska a great bit of gear. Rehydrate when you can.

Classic Jelly Beans !

What’s your favourite hill food ?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to What’s your favourite hill food?

  1. christian says:

    Good article on food Heavy! Rations help pace the day! Something to look forward too! Remain motivated and always have something to last being stuck out all night! ?My favourites were roasted salted peanuts and raisins. The salt helped prevent cramp, oxo cubes mixed with rain water or stream water cold or boiled. Chicken or beef and ryvita biscuits because they were light, strong and could stand being bashed about a bit.

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  2. Peter Aikman says:

    Chocolate, nuts, raisins and bananas were always staples – now none are allowed ( health problems with potassium content ). And, apart from smoked salmon at Christmas, a bothy trip was always made easier with the same – no cooking required, while others always seemed to be mucking around with ‘recipes’. And apples and raw carrots. And buns and ready-sliced boursin cheese. And a little tub of coffee. But no primus ( some mug will always offer you hot water ).
    Hmm – that banana case must still be hiding away somewhere.

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