A short “Welly wander” to the bothy at Corrie Fionnaraich – Coulags .

I am over in the West visiting a friend the weather is wild the rivers are in full spate and the rain has been driving most of the day getting worse in the West. I had a pal finishing his Munro’s on Maol Chean Dearg and overnighting in the bothy. Maol Chean-dearg is a dramatic, steep sided dome of Torridonian sandstone in the wonderful Coulin Forest between Torridon and Strathcarron. On the north side it plunges in crags down to a lochan and has an awe-inspiring outlook over the Torridon peaks. (Walk Highlands) it’s a grand hill in a wonderful setting and spending a night in the bothy is a great way to enjoy the hill.

I had decided to pop in on my way and see them if they were of the hill. The wee car park had 6 cars in it as I arrived early afternoon. They had left earlier in the morning. It was full metal Gortex on from the start.

I decided to wear my Welly’s as I was only going a few miles to the bothy. It was a day for Welly’s snd a good choice as the big river had a bridge but the hills were full of white water bounding down. Showing me a few winter lines for future forays.

Welly boot time !

The cloud was down very low and the rain torrential I met the gillie we waved as I set off into the pouring rain. The path was flooded and signs keep you way from the Estate house I was soon wandering in my own world hood up and crossing the small Burns that come over the path.

The main river moving so fast uncrossable apart from the wee bridge.

There were few views and just before the bridge I met another stalker. We had a great chat and had seen the Munro team high up near the beleach. He said the weather was awful and they would be off on the dark. I said I was only going to the bothy where they had left their gear. I had 2 hours of daylight left but had my gear and a torch . I only wanted to drop of a can of Guinness for the Munro king,

The bridge needs a few planks repaired .

I was soon on the bridge taking it easy. I met 3 other walkers pretty wet heading down. They had stopped at the bothy as well seen where my pals had left their overnight gear. I left my token can of beer in the bothy. They had coal and wood in the bothy it was very tidy and hopefully they had a great night after getting off the hill.

The bothy in the mist .

It was a wet walk down cross the bridge again and back to the van. I had stuffed my waterproof trousers inside my Welly’s so my feet were damp now.

Potential winter lines on the hills in a cold spell.

It had been a short wet day but the rivers and the colours on the hill are superb just now. There can be great danger in the rivers so be careful and with about 7- 8 hours daylight you need to plan your day accordingly. The West has been wet for several days so be aware of the dangers of river crossings.

Lovely colours

Today’s tip – start early for your walk at this time of year.

What Welly’s do you recommend ?

Do you support the Mountain Bothies Association ! (MBA)

To maintain simple shelters in remote country for the use & benefit of all who love wild & lonely places.

A recipient of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the Mountain Bothies Association is a charity which maintains about 100 shelters in some of the remoter parts of Great Britain.

With the permission and support of the owners, these shelters are unlocked and are available for anyone to use. All of our maintenance activities are carried out by volunteers. We welcome new members who want to support our work, either by attending work parties or by contributing financially through subscriptions and donations. Without this support, many of these unique shelters would be lost forever. If you love the outdoors and wild places, please consider joining us.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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    Guinness delivery service? Yer a good mate Heavy!

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