Don’t get down – There’s lots of good news about. Cairngorm Mountain Rescue did a great job in wild weather and I had a visit from one of the Ladies of Lockerbie.

Yesterday I had returned from a couple of days away at Achnasheen in a bothy. I was a bit down as I had hurt my leg falling in a big hole covered in fresh snow. I also had an upset stomach so I returned a day early feeling a bit down. It’s short daylight and dark now early its easy to get down at this time of year.

It was great to see the great video of Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team in action in the wildest of weather. They evacuated a climber and had a very hard carry off at night. The wee video brought back memories. Yet all those involved were volunteers who risk their lives for others for no payment. It’s the same with most of the emergency services they do it to help others . Yet you get the usual “keyboard warriors” putting in there views much of it with no clue of what’s happening. So well done all involved stay safe this winter.

Cairngorm MRT in action photo Cairngorm MRT taken from there Face book video.

CALL OUT:- CMRT just back from a call out for an male with a lower leg injury sustained during an avalanche. The climbers were able to self rescue down to the coire floor, where they were met by team members and stretchered back to the Cairngorm ski area. There were multiple reports of avalanches in Coire an t-Sneachda this afternoon. Many thanks to Cairngorm Mountain for their assistance during

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Yet when I got back I got a message from a lady one of the “Angel’s of Lockerbie” who had been up visiting. Sadly I had missed her but will never forget what they did to help us at Lockerbie. They made meals for us round the clock looked after us as only Mothers and Grannies can do. Helped us by having a few words as we returned from such awful scenes. They were the true heroines of the tragedy. To this day they help relatives from all over the world as they visit where so many died. 1988 was many years ago and I learned to live with my demons but also remember that out of such a tragedy comes so much love and care. The world is in a mess yet I am sure if we concentrated on the great people who do so much for others in their own quite way and never get a mention.

Let’s keep the good stories going think positive and remember the world is full of kind caring people. They should be the ones that influence our young folk. Every town every village has there stories of people who give so much yet rarely get recognised.

I get a buzz from being out on the hills though the body struggles but when you get glimpses in a wild day of the huge snow covered hills life is good. To see the Stags crossing a river in full spate and to see an Eagle and buzzards about is awe inspiring. It helps clear the mind and regenerate your soul. It’s dark at this time of year and yesterday I never ventured from my wee house as my knee was still sore. Today I will get out for a wander.

Please don’t forget that many older folk love a card or a letter it makes there day so have a look and despite the cost send it. It’s been a lonely time for many we are lucky to have so many who dare for us. Can we share the love?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Don’t get down – There’s lots of good news about. Cairngorm Mountain Rescue did a great job in wild weather and I had a visit from one of the Ladies of Lockerbie.

  1. Andy Alexander says:

    I remember you getting the Lockerbie shout Heavy. I was on the Phantom line and avoided getting “volunteered” by sheer chance.
    I know a lot of the troops never spoke about what they saw and experienced but you could just tell by their eyes.
    Hope you are well.

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