A wee reminder of winter.

Yesterday I had planned a wander with David Lintren. We had met years ago and had wanted to do a wee piece for Walk Highlands.

Some great information on the Walk Highlands website.

David Lintern is an award-winning photographer and writer, an average mountaineer and a below average runner. He has previously been a cinema projectionist, a sound engineer, a youth music worker and a university lecturer, founded a small refugee charity and fundraised for the John Muir Trust.

https://www.cicerone.co.uk › authors

In Ryvoan Bothy out the weather.

We had arranged to meet at Cobbs Cafe in Glenmore and I arrived a bit early after a very icy drive taking the “shortcut” from the Grantown Road via to Coylum Bridge. The road was icy and covered by water making it an interesting drive. I arrived and the snow gates were closed at the meadows. It was heavy rain and sleet now.

Icy roads the snow tyres helped.

We had a chat in the cafe and a few questions the weather was very poor it was forecast. So we had a chat and a wander up to Ryvoan bothy. We got the odd view David took lots of photos as we caught glimpses of the hills. The Cairngorms were scoured but you could see that the wind had moved a lot of snow to the Lee sides of the hills.

Wrapped up for a bitter day.

We had a good chat not just about the mountains the environment but politics the way the land is treated and David’s job. I had read a lot of his work before and we had lots on common. It’s hard going ( even for me talking about myself and my life) Yet it’s great to be able to share how much o appreciate my life on the hills. The incredible people that make up Mountain Rescue all over the UK. What they and their families do and how much time and effort volunteers in all Agencies give to help others. Often we forget the good things that happen it seems all the rubbish that gets in the news.

Ryvoan very clean lots of folk about.

I met a lot of folk all chatted the weather was not great but a joy to see folk out getting fresh air. There was also a party on bikes some young kids wrapped up even ski goggles on at the bothy. That was a great part of the day to see these folk out many from the cities down South enjoying the wind, rain and snow. To me this is what the wild places are about. A group came down from the summit of Meall a Buchaille a bit battered good on them the said the winds were very strong on top. They were young and cheery it was good to see.

Walk Highlands info “ Meall a’ Bhuachaille is a great choice for a first hillwalk in the Cairngorms, being easily accessible and having the benefit of great paths to the summit as well as superb views. Here is a chance to experience the beauty and wildness of the Cairngorms without the length and remoteness of some of the Munro walks. The walk described offers great variety, with ancient Caledonian pines, lochs, forests and a windswept ridge; it can easily be extended to a full days hillwalk by continuing over Creagan Gorm to Craigowrie.”

We arrived back at the car and headed off I popped into Glenmore Lodge to see a few friends. Had a chat with Mark after his operation a young mountain Guide . He was helping sort out a search for a missing man in Aviemore, the work goes on and few know of it. Great to see the ethos does not change of helping our fellow men or woman.

The group leaving the bothy.

I headed up to Inverness the road was clear but windy as I am dog sitting Flo for a few days. I saw my grandkids Lexi and Ellie Skye she ran out to see me giving me a cuddle as I parked the van. On the way home Flo and I had a walk on the forestry as the last of the daylight went. Then home feed the dog then me. The house is full of wet gear and I got a visitor from SARDA who had been out on the search in Aviemore. It was great to catch up. What a superb job they do. Sorry my house was such a mess.

After dinner another wander with Flo the sky was clear you could see all the stars but the wind was brutal. It was then listen to the radio and fall asleep . A grand wee wander and lovely to be out again despite the weather. I enjoyed our chat David and hopefully we will meet again.

I left my Pacer poles in the car park at Rothiemurcus Cobbs Cafe . Phoned they have gone I have reported them missing but feel really bad as they were a great gift from a good Friend !

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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