Travel back via a Munro Sgaireach Mhòr and the Banff Film Festival in Inverness. Tired but happy.

I had a poor nights sleep just because my head was on fire after speaking at the Well – being weekend at Stirling. Sadly this is normal after talking about my experiences in dealing with Trauma. I had a discussion with a pal who is struggling 40 years after and incident. Yet I awoke to a magical day with a stunning sunrise. After breakfast and saying good by I was away and hoped to get a wander on the hills. This is my way of clearing my head. L

My hill.

Sgàirneach Mhòr is a very rounded mountain on the west side of the Drumochter Pass. Coire Creagach below its summit is its main feature.

I stopped just off the A9 in the busy car park. Time was moving it was 1100 and I had to be in Inverness for the Banff Film Festival at 1900. I sorted out my bag and headed into the sun to the Estate track that takes you to the bridge to cross the river.

A stunning day.

Three young ladies passed me on bikes and I felt very old. I met them as they had a break at the bridge. They were in running gear and ready for a great day out. I envied them as they pushed on up the frozen path. I took my time there was ice about and sat and had lunch at the Beleach. The views were stunning blue skies and sun all day. Yet here I was out in a place I love.

There were a few folk out many with dogs and lots of grouse. This is a shooting estate, the grouse were everywhere. Lots of food left for them on the butts and a rough tracks heavily eroded by tracked vechile so many in one area. I walked slowly on the ridge but marvelled at the views. In winter the Corries are full of snow and big cornices are everywhere. The snow was hard but did not need crampons if you took care.

Great views
The perfect Ridge.

My head was now clear nature and being out alone helps. Enjoying the scenery which today was stunning and seeing just a few folk was magic. I wished I was not on a time limit as I could have fallen asleep on this hill. Basking in the sun enjoying the heat despite my tiredness. I saw the girls in the distance going well but was happy at my age I still enjoy a wander. Often we swam in the pools on the walk out not today but one thing I must do again.

By the time I got to the top no one else was about I had some food took a few photos. Looked at familiar hills and headed down taking care as it was icy in places. A runner flashed by he had done the 4 Munro’s like I had many times in the past. Yet today was one to savour. I left a message that I was heading down (top tip) but

The summit .

It was a lovely wander down icy again and I was on time. I met the girls as I climbed up to the car. They were buzzing after there day. I had a quick change a lot of fluid to rehydrate. I headed up the A9 watching a setting sun. I had time for some food at Eden Court then a great night watching the Banff Film Festival at Eden Court. That was amazing the best I have ever seen.

Looking back.

I got home late just after 2300 tired but what a day. A quick bath body aching but mind refreshed again. The day was excellent and the Film night superb well worth a watch.

Todays tip – sunscreen is a must if the weather stays as it is.

If out alone tell Folk your route. Check in and out.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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