Mountain Accidents – men and women,

There was a piece in the paper about mountain accidents concerning men and women on the hills. Things have changed andcIt’s great to see so many lassies out and about. In the past it stemmed the mountaineering majority was mainly male ? I did a chat a few years ago in Glencoe and the audience was 50/50. My club has a lot more women members now and it’s great to see that. I agree with the article that women seem a lot less prone to accidents yet I lost a female friend last year on the hill on a fall. It’s impossible to know how many go on the hill of each sex are on the hill ? Yet there is definitely a big rise in my opinion of women on the hill.

Heather Morning was quoted in a paper in an article by the Daily Telegraph “Mountain deaths in Scottish Highlands are almost all men as ‘guys tend to overestimate their ability”

“Covering a seven-year period up to the start of 2019, the data showed that women accounted for only 10 of the 114 fatalities”

I have worked with lots of women on the hills in Rescues and in my club. I agree with Heathers opinions. Of course it’s as always very hard to prove some of the points but in my opinion many women are not so “gun ho” as men.

Everyone has a view as comments as always welcome.

1936 My Mum on her honeymoon out in the hills

Comment – a few years ago I would have said it was proportional as there were many more men than women mountaineering, however the last five years or so has seen that changing with many more women in the mountains. It will be interesting to see if the accident statistics reflect this in the future. A. Jack

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