The joy of being outdoors ?

I had a great week last week and it does not get much better. I was on the hill with some great friends they were all types of people in the small group as I was completing my Corbett’s. I thought it was just me that felt this way but a few have been in touch saying it was a great day. The company was superb and the weather wonderful. We walked and talked it was not a fast day stopped often took photos, ate drank and sat admiring the views. There was no rush and this is the way I love being on the mountains.

Normally I love being in a small group or on my own but that day on Creach Beinn in Appin will stay with me. Once we were of the hill track the views opened it seemed that we could see the whole of Scotland.

We spent time picking out hills my memory going but what a day. I was with folk I love and after the trials of COVID it was good to chat to each other. Things we took for granted are now appreciated as is our health and families.

Party on summit.

I loved being with such people and I know how lucky I am. I spoke to a couple of friends on the day they were so pleased to be out there. I was glad there o was no race to the summit just enjoyment of this special place.

Thank you all.

After seeing the Eagle’s on the summit we headed down again no rush some of the oldest bodies a bit sore. We stopped often enjoying the sun and the company most in their own world. It was then a stunning drive back to Corran and a quick shower then a meal together. What a day !

SARDA Scotland.

Next day over the weekend I was with SARDA Scotland for their annual assessment in Glencoe. It was great to meet so many old faces and see the efforts of young and old in getting there Dogs assessed. I am always amazed by the dedication of volunteers like these. There commitment and efforts are extraordinary and are rarely in the public eye.

The world is full of awful news “ Man’s inhumanity to man” in Ukraine and the selfish arrogance of some of our leaders . Yet we have to try to get to see the great folk that make up this small country. They do so much and rarely feature in the public domain. I get recharged by daily walks and wanders and supercharged on a weekend like last week. Despite the body slowing down I see so much good in the world despite what we read and hear daily.

Kayakers chasing the light in my hometown .

As the daylight increases we have to get out even at the end of the day and breathe fresh air see the wild life. As always think what can I do for others ? A big thanks to all you know who you are I love you all.

Comments welcome as always.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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