A few Great words – sayings from the mystic world of RAF Mountain Rescue.

Drooge- a really slow tired person on the hill. Hence you were a drooge. – Has Oldham, Tom Taylor and Al Haveron.

Scran – Scran · Naval slang for food originating from a dish used to stop scurvey – Sultanas Currants Raisans And Nuts. Used by RAF MR as a term for food mainly chocolate.

“That day was character building” end of a long day. Anon

“Bomb” to run up the hill very fast “ hence the quote I was bombed into the deck” It has a double meaning:

Bomb – the early Hydro burner used for cooking it used petrol and was very dangerous in a tent.

“Pecking order” – “There’s a pecking order and you don’t have a beak” Keeping the new troops in order.

“It’s dark should we not be off the hill” answer get your torch out your out all night.

“Just follow Teallach he knows where he is going” said during a Callout in a white out on the Cairngorm plateau.

“ See that hill in the distance, it’s no where near our last hill of the day” Anon

Route finding – “straight on up English” Anon

“There’s no belay here just climb through and don’t fall off “ Mark Sinclair on Hadrians Wall.

“You could take your granny up here” I think said to team members when a bit scared on a climb. – Pete McGowan

“Moving together if you get it wrong is dying together”

One of the young troops to Dave Cuthbertson “have you done much climbing” “ a little said Cubby”

“I am not going any further you got me here get me down” a troop scared on the Rock in Glen Clova.

Poley poley – Pole Pole (pronounced poley poley): You will hear this about 200 times a day on your Kilimanjaro climb. It means ‘slowly-slowly’ and this is the best piece of advice you can get when climbing Kili – or any hill.

“There’s no rank on the hill “- told to many officers of various ranks. “The mountains have no respect for rank “ The late George Bruce to a Senior officer who forgot his rucksack and was told to go back and get it.

“To rest is not to conquer but to rest is nice” stolen and adapted from a famous quote.

Never trust an RAF aircrew Navigator. They get you lost.

“The old Albatross snag” one of the great words from Kas Taylor ex Team Leader if a problem occurred.

“The mountains are not a gymnasium for your ego “ a classic even more so now in the days of Strava and the media.

On a career write up. “This man head is always in the clouds. If he put a quarter of his effort into his primary task that he does in the mountains he could be a very fine tradesman “ my first write up by a plonker

“The old ploy” covers many facets of mountaineering.

Comments and other words as always welcome.

Pete’s Granny

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to A few Great words – sayings from the mystic world of RAF Mountain Rescue.

  1. Hammy Anderson says:

    John Hinde suggested that the waaf in ops should shout”Rumpy Pumpy”for MR callout


  2. Chris McQuigg says:

    Love your comments. Very apt. Thank you Heavy.

    Liked by 1 person

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