Towards the Ogre – Clive Rowland’s

Clive Rowland one of the most unassuming mountaineers has at last publishing his book Towards the Ogre. I am sure it will be a wonderful insight into his life. Clive was a big help over the years I often bought kit from his Outdoor shops and he was always there with great advice. He is one of the few Mountaineers mountain men. I am so looking forward to his book signing in Nairn on 1 Sept at the Bandstand.

Towards the Ogre is the new mountaineering memoir climbers and mountaineers have been waiting for.

Author Clive Rowland takes readers on an unforgettable journey, starting with his early days exploring the Peak District right through his incredible mountaineering career, which few can match.

Clive’s greatest climb is probably the 1977 expedition to summit Baintha Brakk (The Ogre). It is exceptional in its combination of altitude and steepness, and at 23,901 ft. one of the hardest peaks in the world to climb. Clive is perhaps best-known for the rescue of Doug Scott and Chris Bonington following an accident on their descent.

Their tale of survival at high altitude ranks among the great stories of ‘against the odds’ rescue missions. This book will take you right to the very heart of this daring and perilous journey back to safety.

Clive was active during what is now considered to be the Golden Age of British Mountaineering (from the 1960s to the 1990s) and climbed extensively in the Alps, Chamonix and the Himalayas.

This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book will appeal to anyone who has climbed, wants to climb or those fascinated by the pioneers of mountaineering.

Packed with fascinating insights, technical details, stunning photographs and Clive’s famous Yorkshire humour, Toward the Ogre is set out to become a classic.

You can order the book using this link :

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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