Another wee Classic Mountain – The Cobbler 884 metres (2,900 ft).

The Cobbler is another iconic hill. Though not a Munro its a Corbett don’t let that put this hill of your hill days. I climbed it as a very young lad (about 10 years old) with my Dad and Mum. I remember the summit scramble being so intimidating to a wee boy and being so pleased I did it.

The summit shot.

As John MacKenzie writes in “Classic Rock” this often missed by many for the bigger hills of Glencoe and Ben Nevis. It is a hill steeped in history with many famous Glasgow climbers cutting there teeth here on the schist which when wet is exciting . There are routes of all grades here and on a dry day a superb cliff.

The Cobbler – from the SMC Guidebook a classic.

The Cobbler – also known as Ben Arthur – has the most distinctive outline of any mountain in the Southern Highlands and makes a fantastic shorter hillwalk. Extremely popular, the path on the way up has been improved in recent years and once past the initial zig zags makes a pleasant ascent. This route explores both main peaks of the Cobbler before descending on a rugged path between the two. Alternatively the route can be made easier by returning the same way. Walk Highlands There are many caves and howffs that have a history of there own. Spending the night in a howff – a cave or other natural refuge – has been a magical experience for many walkers and climbers down the years.

Punsters crack.

I remember a very easy climb with Teuch Brewer that took us onto the summit ridge in June 1972. it was the South East Ridge. The lower two-thirds are mostly walking. Best started from the base of the buttress proper (some rock moves), or easy grass ledges round to the left. Then fun but avoidable moves over large boulders at a minor col. Up to a short grade 3 rock step, and walk to base of the obvious crux wall, climbed by a quality, exposed crack and ledges. Finish with airy grass ledge walking, with an optional short wall. First ascent : G Thomson & party Oct/1889. I was so pleased after that easy climb. I had just joined the Rescue team at Kinloss. Years later I was to climb here about 20 times here. A few times in the rain being really scared as my feet slipped about. I wore socks on my feet one day in the pouring rain on Recess Route . We took many of our young rock stars here the VS routes made you think.

Photo the Classic Punsters Crack.

We had some superb routes long day’s moving from route to route and even a few where we were picked up after a climb by the Wessex helicopter. Cheating !

The Cobbler and Munro’s.

Another classic day was a route on the Cobbler, Ben Narnain, and Ben Ime and Ben Vane. A lot of height as well and if you added in Spearhead Arete it was a hard day.

Photo – Wessex on the Cobbler – Our Yellow Taxi.

I hope if you climb the Cobbler you have as much fun as me. What a great hill.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Jim higgins says:

    I had a brown trouser day on the cobbler in 1988. Fine morning then misty wet cloud and it turned very greasy very quickly. I was seconding all the way and the leader never told me the micha schist was like this. Eeek. Mibe boots would have been better.

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