At last a wander to the West. Blue skies and snow plastered mountains. The joy of being out again not far but wonderful.

This weekend I went Weat for the first time this winter. The drive over was spectacular and with lots of fresh snow on the hill and the sun this was Scotland at its best. I left early from Burghead due to a cancelled medical appointment. The road was clear and quiet and I stopped often just to stop and stare at the majestic surroundings. I felt like a tourist but looking at the stunning blue skies and snow plastered ridges.

The drop down to Kinlochewe and the mighty Slioch is heartwarming to see. Is it one of the best views about? The build up begins for me as you see Beinn Eighe and the Black Carl’s ridge a great way up to this huge mountain. Well worth the effort.

Meall Chubhais a lovely Corbett

I stopped marvelling at the views the mighty Liathach always a favourite to see again plastered with snow.The main ridge itself looking Alpine with its snow arête. There were no cars in the car park unusual it was a Friday and not much ice about.

Wonderful views.

Again I stopped and enjoyed every minute wishing I was up on these hills. In past I spent wonderful days in this area in summer and winter. It’s also holds a lot of memories of hard Callouts in these hills far Corries.

Beinn Alligin

As I drove round past Torridon across Loch Torridon Ben Alligin comes into view another majestic mountain. Round Loch Torridon to Sheildaig more views and the tight road to Arrina is a special place. I arrived and was greeted by Islay Kalies collie and enjoyed a cup of tea outside with views of Diabeg in the sun. It was great to be here again.

The view

The weather was planned to be good so next day we had a day planned. I had not been out since my health issues and would take it easy. The Coffin Trail – This is a beautiful trail taking you along the old coffin road that was used by local communities to transport their dead to the Clachan Church in Applecross. Along this route you can still see the cairns where the bearers would have rested the coffin beside the long path. There are some very rough sections along this trail where great care is needed especially in wetter conditions and at the water crossings where there are no bridges. On the way you will also pass Loch Gaineamhach, Loch a’ Bealaich, and Loch Bhraighaig. This trail is quite remote so a good level of self-sufficiency is required, as well as appropriate footwear and warm layers. The trail is eroded in places by mountain bikes and I wonder what may happen in the future with the heavy erosion of an historic path.

The simple headstones o the path remind you of why this path is here.

Kalie took it easy with never stopped often I coughed a lot but felt okay. I really enjoyed the wander no rush, no plan just wander up as far as we wanted. We only walked about 10 and half Kilometres but it was the first time this winter and going height I enjoyed it. There was no wind, crunchy snow, icy path in places but perfect walking with frequent stops.

We had about 4 hours out and as we approached the car we saw two sea eagles soaring above us what a end to our walk. I was well wrapped up all day but the sun was out. Due to my medical problem I feel the cold a lot more and at last the sun was warming me and a lovely change.

It’s hard to describe how I felt after feeling the sun on the face. I loved my wander not much by others standards but such a joy to be out in the wild again with great company. The wild places don’t have help when life gets hard.

Comments as always welcome .

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to At last a wander to the West. Blue skies and snow plastered mountains. The joy of being out again not far but wonderful.

  1. Tony B says:

    Brilliant, bringing back memories for me too, excellent piece 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great that you manage to get out and about, I have been thinking every day looking at the hills.. OH “to be twenty years younger “ ATB


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