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Heading to Bairgowerie for a talk to the Tayside MRT.

I am off on my travels to Blairgowerie to talk to the Tayside Mountain Rescue. I will visit the late Al MacLeod’s Mum my best pal who was killed on a fall on the North Face of the Materhorn it … Continue reading

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Ice screws – various! Crazy Days on Canada ice 1983!

The bairns were talking about ice screws and cannot believe what we used to use! In Scotland I rarely used them till I went to Canada in 1983 and then we could not believe how good the ice was and … Continue reading

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Canada Ice Memories – great days and basic gear?

The ice axe above on the left is the famous Hamish Mc Innes Terrordactyl known as the “Terror” by a generation of winter climbers. The other was a cut down Gully axe that climbed many famous routes. The Terror was a a … Continue reading

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Berbers – people in high places

Originally posted on kragrags:
The tiny rider confidently urged the donkey up the rocky track towards us. He was barely bigger than the chickens in front of him and couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. While most pre-school children…

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Missing the Hills – Antiques ice axes for sale.

Day 2 after the operation was not easy did not even manage a wander outside  after the drugs wore off. It will be a very slow  process. Great to see so much being done all over Scotland, so get out … Continue reading

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Old Plastic Boots – a thought for all you old timers out there!

EQUIPMENT WARNING – OLD PLASTIC BOOTS Andy Sallabank, Mountain Instructor, was working with a couple of students in the Cairngorms when the old plastic boots of one of his students literally cracked and fell apart This not the first time … Continue reading

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1983 Canada ice – Koflack boots, Chounaird Zero axes and basic ice screws!

I sit awaiting another operation missing the mountains and my patience is running out.I miss the mountains so much and climbing this a small bit about an incredible trip to Canada in 1983.  Canada Ice – the dream ice climbing … Continue reading

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