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We have an answer to where photo is.

For many years this wee handbook was a classic for ice climbers The front page was thought by many to be a route called the Chancer. I put it out and got a few different ideas one from a guru … Continue reading

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When your young your think invincible ? Or are you?

Sorry for the lack of blogs I have not been feeling great. Recently I have been off the hill for a few months. I have had a constant cough for years but it was getting very bad over the last … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on working with the Media over the years in Mountain Rescue.

How things have changed from my early days when we rarely spoke to the media. It was a different era then. Most Mountain Rescue teams and SARDA did the job and that was that. Nowadays news is instant and you … Continue reading

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Interesting call-out. USA USA F111 crash – Lauder. 28 July 1987 – . We had no Communications so the American Airforcec moved a satellite and gave us an early Satellite phone.

I think this was One of my first aircraft call outs as Team Leader of RAF Leuchars MRT – sadly both crew were killed. We had no communications and when the Americans investigation team arrived not long after the crash … Continue reading

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Winter Tips/ learning 2022. “Caught out in the fading light“ a slip that could have been a lot more serious on a short walk in the Cairngorms.

This will be a series of blogs on some of my adventures/ mistakes made in the mountains. Sadly no hills for a while due to Health problems and awaiting various results. Many will be glad to hear I lose my … Continue reading

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A breakthrough booklet in its day. Modern Snow & Ice Techniques by Bill March printed 1973 ! What route is on the front cover?

An old pal dropped some books of for me the wee booklet was one of them it brought back many memories. Some of them like the french names Piolet Canne and Piolet Ramp for using the axe are still baffling … Continue reading

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Book Review “Towards the Ogre “

This is a review by a friend Adrian Trednall many thanks . Towards The Ogre by Clive Rowland Luck plays a part in everyone’s lives. It was totally by chance that I received a copy of “Towards The Ogre.” I’d … Continue reading

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A bit of travelling over to the West.

It’s been a busy few days over on the West visiting my friend Kalie and Islay. The weather was magnificent and we had two days of perfect weather. I got a good walk with Islay from Applecross to Sand and … Continue reading

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Working with Hong Kong lads – Civil Aid Service (CAS) a blast from the past.

The Civil Aid Service(CAS) is a civil organisation that assists in a variety of auxiliary emergency roles, including search and rescue operations in Hong Kong. CAS is funded by the Hong Kong Government and its members wear uniforms. CAS was … Continue reading

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A Mountaineers view of the Falklands in Winter.

MOUNTAINEER’S VIEW OF THE FALKLANDS By David “Heavy” Whalley, MBE I was privileged to spend two tours in the Falklands when I was in the RAF. It is a wonderful place for wildlife and mountains. Most of the popular peaks … Continue reading

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