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Back Home – green fields and daffodils and welcome home sign.

I had a good journey home from Canada all went smooth apart from my hacking cough all the way in the flight from Calgary to Heathrow.  The poor people who sat near me?  I watched two films, the “Iron Lady” and “The … Continue reading

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Ha Ling Chinaman’s Peak Canmore Canada – a wee walk with Dave.

My great friend Dave Booth who I am staying in Canmore with suggested after a long visit to the dentist to take me a wee walk in the afternoon. I was expecting a walk by the river instead we drove … Continue reading

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Mount Kidd Falls Canada – 30 years on!

The photo above shows Mount Kidd Falls in 1983 about March time, when we came to Canada for the first time to ice climb. At that time there were less than 90 climbs in the guide-book. There was also limited … Continue reading

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The Alpine Club Of Canada at Canmore – more memories.

Yesterday I visited the Alpine Club Of Canada incredible place at Canmore. This is where we stayed on my first trip to Canada  in 1983. It is set just about a few miles from Canmore in the woods an ideal location, … Continue reading

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Chantilly Falls – nearly 30 years on.

The weather has been so good I had to go out even though I was full of the flu, it was such a great day. We were heading for Kaninaskis about 45 minutes from Canmore, The boys picked me up … Continue reading

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Wild drive along Jasper Highway – and back to Banff

It was minus 16 when we went out to Weeping Wall and there was a bit of sun as I said some avalanches were coming of the ledges and occasionally a big one would come of a ledge and cover some of … Continue reading

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Back up to Rampart Creek – Weeping Wall and more snow

I will try to catch up we headed up North to Weeping Wall up the Jasper Highway even fewer cars on it than before and more snow than ever. We tried to find some climbs near Wildfowl lake but no … Continue reading

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