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Health is Wealth – well being and mental Health!

I was just looking through a few photos from 3 years ago I was pretty ill with a bowel problem! I was really struggling and the 4 th operation I was so worried that it may not have been successful! … Continue reading

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Long day! A cycle in the wind and huge memories at Lockerbie.

It was a long drive to a long drive to Lockerbie for a meeting the roads were clear and I managed to make it just about 5 hours! I then had a brew and had an idea to cycle round … Continue reading

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Lockerbie – Looking for help from those who were there and a photo of the Control Point in the School?

  Not many know that Mountain Rescue, SARDA and a many other Agencies apart from the Police, Fire Brigade Ambulance,Coastguards and Raynet were involved in the tragedy of Lockerbie in December 1988. It is a day I will never forget … Continue reading

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Sgur Na Stri – “The hill of strife” – The USA F111 Crash site on this classic Mountain.

Sgur Na Stri – “The hill of strife” – I am over in Skye at Loch Coruisk staying in the Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland (JMCS) hut at loch Coruisk! It can be a difficult place to reach but as … Continue reading

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As another anniversary of Lockerbie looms -Keep an eye on those involved and you ❤️ at this time.

As I passed by Lockerbie on Sunday going South it as always is ever easy ! Since the Disaster in 1988 it has had a huge effect on my life and those I love ! I was there with the … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget – A few words on some of Scotland’s remoter Mountain RAF aircraft crashes.

At 1100 today we remember those who paided the ultimate sacrifice on Remembrance Day. I do not go to these big public parades like many veterans do but always every year try to visit at least one of the remote … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the comments on PTSD and Mental illness ! 

Thank you for the supportive comments on yesterday’s blog. I did it as a former colleague contacted me as he realised that after over 20 years he was suffering from PTSD. It was good to see the response and I … Continue reading

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