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What’s your favourite ferry to a UK island ?

I was always taken to Arran for my holidays. The minute we were on the ferry the holiday started it was magical. As you got closer and saw the peak of Goatfell it was to a wee boy mind blowing. … Continue reading

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There is light at the end of the tunnel?

For some of us there is a good feeling about maybe things are getting better slowly. I am lucky I have had my injection for Covid last week. To me that was incredible to see how well organised the NHS … Continue reading

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1989 – A lucky escape the Sea King Crash at Creag Meaghaidh.

1989 – It was a hard winter we had lots of Call outs and were just getting over from the Lockerbie Disaster. The pace never stopped as we went from call out to call out all over Scotland. I had … Continue reading

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Podcast – A look forward it will make you think. Radio Scotland’s Mark and Euan hear from UNESCO Chair for Integration Alison Phipps of Glasgow University.

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Great article by Davie Gunn on climbing in Glencoe.

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Leadership a few ideas.

Sometimes I wonder at folk are talking about leadership. There are so many thoughts on Leadership and so many Quotes “buzz words” and experts on the subject. In my my experience leadership was a process of learning from others. I … Continue reading

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A few thoughts about the accident in the Lakes where a member of the Patterdale MRT was badly injured.

I was phoned a few days ago by several of the media for my input on the awful accident in the lakes where one of the rescuers fell on a rescue and was badly injured. As the papers say sadly … Continue reading

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Avalanche Risk – Worth thinking about.

It’s great to hear of folk who live locally being put on their local hills. Many are skiing and enjoying the unique conditions. I was just doing some research of a skier who was killed on Ben Wyvis in 1985?it’s … Continue reading

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Learning from Covid – looking after our elderly in Sheltered accommodation during Covid. Love and treasure the elderly.

Covid brings lots of changes in all our lives and the sadness continues, many have lost loved ones, freinds and family. Yet little is said about how it really effects those in our Old Folks Sheltered accommodation and Homes . … Continue reading

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Grieving in these difficult times.

First of all sorry for being of the radar recently. I sadly lost my brother last week and though he lived abroad for over 50 years and were so different folk it still hurts. We all deal with grief differently … Continue reading

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