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The great improvements in weather/ Avalanche/ forecasting.

In my early days in the RAF Mountain Rescue we got a weather forecast from the local RAF MET office. It was handy but mainly designed mainly for aircraft flying. It came in at weekends by our High Frequency radios … Continue reading

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Today is the Lockerbie Anniversary Disaster Tragedy. A hard day for many. Help is out there #itsgoodtotalk

It’s been a difficult year for me a lot of medical problems and very hard at times controlling the “Black Dog”is always there. Today is a huge day in my life it is the Anniversary of the Lockerbie Disaster in … Continue reading

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“Blessed are those who repair” Potholes and eroded paths.

I have just been over in the West and despite the rain and midges it was magic I am so lucky to live in Scotland. After a great walk with the dogs we had a swim in Loch Torridon. Next … Continue reading

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Takithame ? Good Karma seeing the Dolphins . Marine waste.

The other day I dragged a lot of plastic netting old fishing gear near the cycle track. I had passed it for several years like so many but decided to do something so I dragged it onto the fence. Hoping … Continue reading

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Off to do a talk on “Well – Being”. A extremely important subject for all the emergency services .

I am off to chat to some Emergency Agencies on Well – Being. I hope a few will take away some tips on dealing with a subject not often spoken about being part of being in an Emergency Service. In … Continue reading

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The Rescue – what an incredible film. Gives you faith in people working together. Politicians take note .

During the storm I managed to watch “The Rescue” what an insight into a huge Cave Rescue. ‘The Rescue’ chronicles the dramatic 2018 rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach, trapped deep inside a flooded cave. It was … Continue reading

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Lockerbie another year on and the pain is still there.

Today is the Anniversary of the Lockerbie Disaster in 1988. I was the Team Leader of the RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue Team. My first stint as TeamLeader and I had a great young team. We were involved in so many … Continue reading

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Really enjoyed Andy Kitkpatrick talk at Inverness last night. Andy Kirkpatrick – “Mind Your Head: Holidays from Hell”

It was pouring for most of the day as I travelled to Inverness. I was a bit wary of being in a theatre again. Yet I am so glad I went. Andy was on great form and I laughed so … Continue reading

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An update from Mountaineering Scotland if you need assistance !

A Facebook post has been doing the rounds recently advising people what to do if they find themselves lost or stranded with low battery or no phone signal. It involves changing your voicemail message to give your approximate position and … Continue reading

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