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This is the anniversary of my Mother’s passing.

It’s been a difficult period just now for many. This is the month when my Mum passed away many years ago. What would my Mum be thinking of today as we are in the midst of this virus? She would … Continue reading

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A podcast, for mental health some thinking time and a head clearing cycle later along the coast.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” ― Leonard Cohen Today I was asked to do a podcast for Basic Scotland. result with site linksBASICS Scotland BASICS Scotland (British Association of Immediate Care) is … Continue reading

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Over on the West – A midgy fest until we reached the ridge Sgurr na Bana Mhoraire an outlier on Beinn Damh. Hill of the stag. Renamed hill of the midge!

I had come over to the West for a hill day with a friend who lives on the Applecross Peninsula. I love the Corbett Beinn Damh : ‘hill of the stag’ it’s a classic mountain and one I have done … Continue reading

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The Big Fall – “The Hill” Creag Dubh Sept 83

The Big Fall. We all had a weekend off for a Team wedding at Craigellachie. It was a Classic Highland wedding with lots of whisky. At this time a few of us we’re mad about climbing and had planned to … Continue reading

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Covid 19 Advice for walkers and climbers.Some personal thoughts.

Please see below the latest advice for climbers and walkers. It is hard staying local I can see the big hills and I am lucky having a beach and forest to enjoy on my doorstep. Many are not so lucky. … Continue reading

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1976 – Day 8. May 16 – The Strathfarrar Four

I had to have a rest day we were a group of 3 on a big walk North – South across Scotland. I had caught a bug and rested at Strathconnon for a day. We were heading for some big … Continue reading

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Kegworth – Aircrash- ” lest we forget.” Three weeks after Lockerbie in January 8 th 1989

A friend Steve Roberts wrote this and it worth remembering. Thank you Steve. “Deepest respect and condolences to the relatives of the Boeing passenger jet which went down in Iran. Yet we must not forget the Kegworth Air Disaster – … Continue reading

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Dog Tales – Part 7 Lockerbie.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Teallach I was a very soft Alsatian and I have been asked to write about my life in the mountains. I was very lucky to have spent all of my life on the … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the kind thoughts – the things that are important in life.

Every year you get older and its amazing when you look back how lucky we are. Nowadays we have Food banks and lots of homeless folk we have always had poverty but its so open nowadays. I came from a … Continue reading

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Helping out with Alzheimer’s suffers.

There is a lot being spoken about Alzheimer’s and the effect on the person and their family. One way you can help those who were involved in the mountains is through speaking to those who are suffering and loved the … Continue reading

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