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How many punctures for our Jenny? A wee trip to Findhorn meeting a Sherpa and out on the bike at last.

HOW MANY PUNCTURES…. who even gets punctures anymore anyway 🙋🙋 I do apparently, all 8of them!!! ((Two down to operator error)) after FOUR midnight punctures on the dark highway with howling WOLVES ((OK probably dogs but in the dark things … Continue reading

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Lost pictures of the West Ridge of Everest 

Lost pictures of the West Ridge of Everest Many will note it is Everest Season just now and the usual media is full of the stars and the annual pilgrimage to the highest mountain in the World. I was very lucky … Continue reading

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Every day is a special day ! The big hills are special but need patience and sound judgement!

Tibet – 2001 Base camp with a view getting the washing done after 3 months on the mountain. What a place to live for several months. This is the time of year many head for the big mountains for their … Continue reading

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Meeting the RAF boys and A limited time but the wander into the winter wonderland of the Coire of the Snows was incredible. Please be aware of the Avalanche Reports!

Yesterday was catching up and then a quick wander into the Cairngorms to see if we could catch up with the RAF Winter Course. We did not leave till after 1300 but in my good mate Dan’s car we were … Continue reading

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A few more – Food ideas for the hill.

Many thanks for all the replies on the Blog and Face book I thought I would add them to the blog.  I always carried a few things in the bag for Call – outs especially the long night ones or … Continue reading

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Happy St Andrews Day – Everest bothy remissness Tales from a bothy.

This article was published in the Mountain Bothy Association Newsletter.   Tales from a Bothy – “The Shed” (A wee bothy high on the Tibetan side of Everest) May – June 2001   My first memories of bothying were in the early … Continue reading

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The art of getting old – ungracefully!

  Yesterday I applied for my OAP ( yes I am that old now) yes you have to apply for it that was news to me. It was pretty easy in the end and the results soon should be a … Continue reading

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