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I am so glad I always took photos on the hills! What was your favourite old camera?

It is not hard to take photos nowadays the simple camera phone /digital revolution makes it so easy to take photos on the hill. I have always carried a camera and broken so many over the years but that is … Continue reading

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Some Old rock climbing gear – basic ropes,simple harnesses, no helmets, and limited protection

Sadly I had done no climbing when I joined the RAF mountain Rescue and my pride and joy was when I got issued with 2 Scott karabiners, a screw gate and my Yellow belt. What was that yellow belt called? … Continue reading

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RAF Kinloss/Leuchars MRT – gone but not forgotten?

I am working on a lecture about Resilience in Edinburgh in February. “LEADERSHIP IN A CRISIS – HOW DO YOU PREPARE YOUR TEAMS FOR THE WORST” and it is amazing how many characters mould you in life and beyond and … Continue reading

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Heading to Bairgowerie for a talk to the Tayside MRT.

I am off on my travels to Blairgowerie to talk to the Tayside Mountain Rescue. I will visit the late Al MacLeod’s Mum my best pal who was killed on a fall on the North Face of the Materhorn it … Continue reading

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We follow “in the footsteps of giants” The Cairngorm Disaster 1971 – article from The Scottish Saltire Branch 

Thank you for all the correspondence on the tragedy on the Cairngorms in 1971 I have been given a lot of information on the tragedy by many different people involved. There is lots written on it as it was a … Continue reading

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45 Years Ago the Cairngorm Disaster happened on 21 November 1971. Lest we forget?

RAF Kinloss Archives 1971 – 21 November – Cairngorms Disaster – Feith Buidhe Ben MacDui 6 fatalities  5 children and 1 adult. The worst mountain tragedy to date in Scotland 2 survivors – 3 of the RAF Kinloss team decorated … Continue reading

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Thinking of my pals in the USA after the election. Busy day with the “Be Active Life Long” (BALL) Group at Burghead and that night The Epic on the Ogre by Clive Rowlands.

I stayed up most of the night and watched the USA Election, there will be difficult times ahead for my many friends in the USA. I had a great 3 months in the USA Lecturing to Unity college in Maine … Continue reading

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