Allt Duine in the Mondadhliaths – Why bother? Who cares?

We take so much for granted in a modern life and only have to look to yesterday for the helicopter crash of Shetlands too see how dangerous life can be. Thank God that all survived the ditching and hopefully the enquiry will get to the cause of such an accident. Getting oil and gas from such a hard wild place should never be taken for granted and we should remember those who work in such conditions. In my view the wealth that has been wasted from the oil and gas in the Seas offshore should have used to look to the future and not wasted by various governments. It was never an infinite resource and wee should have used some of this revenues to look at other alternative types of energy. We would not have some of the current problems we have today?

The press up in the North of Scotland has a daily piece about the Wind farm enquiry in the Mondadhliaths at Aviemore over the next few days. Many people have spoken to me about it and there are so many views. I am amazed how many are now opposed to them especially in the wild areas of natural beauty. People who are normally not outspoken (unlike me) have had enough and it is great too see many of the Outdoor Agencies working together. There is strength in numbers especially against huge companies who are making huge profits from the taxpayer? They employ clever councils with no expense spared, have we a chance? Please have a look at what is going on and the plans for the future especially the map of proposed wind farms for this great country! It is a frightening prospect.

The enquiry is still ongoing and the RWE Npower Renewables application is to build 31 125-metre turbines at Allt Duine in the Monadhliath mountains. Mrs Jill Moody DipTP MRTPI, an inquiry reporter, will conduct the process and report back to the Scottish Government. I do not eny her task at all. Anyone who previously objected or commented on the planning application will be able to give evidence and written objections will also be taken into account.

The Allt Duine proposal has proved more controversial than many wind farm applications because of its situation on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park and because of the number of other wind developments nearby. It is one of 11 developments (proposed or currently under construction) in this area. In January this year, Highland Council rejected the application, paving the way for the public inquiry and final decision which will be made by the Scottish Government. Hard times ahead I think, this will be an important decision for generations to come. I wonder what the outcome will be for the future?

Who Cares?


Imagine this view with wind farms – where will it end? Photo Ryan MacLean – Torridon

žWho cares about the wild land?
žIs it the Landowner who owns it
žFor the sport of Kings?
žThey do what they wish.
Is it the Wind-farm operators,
Who will leave a concrete mess,
Is this the best we can do?
It seems that the government
Has lost the plot, needs must
Or we go bust?
žThis land is special, it is ours by birth
žHelp save it, fight for it,
žOr it will be gone.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to Allt Duine in the Mondadhliaths – Why bother? Who cares?

  1. David Steane says:

    Heavy – I care.
    You mentioned John Muir in a previous blog – “Do something for wildness and make the mountains glad”. Is this how?
    Have you read John Etherington’s book called “The Wind Farm Scam”? He explains in reasonably intelligible language why windfarms are a scam, and how we as consumers are paying. It’s utter madness.
    And it is utterly monstrous what is proposed at Allt Duine. The visual intrusion would be shocking, and that’s before you consider the damage to the environment with access roads, and the fundamental ineffectiveness and inefficiency of wind turbine – that with every additional MW of windpower, you have to have a baseload energy provision from a reliable source – because sometimes, unsurprisingly, the wind doesn’t blow.

    We should actually all be ashamed that it has come to this – that ‘we’ (humans) have allowed, in the early 21st century, through our planning policies, an application for such a development in that location (not that I think ANY location is acceptable) to even get to this stage is an absolute disgrace.

    “Improving the natural environment and the sustainable use and enjoyment of it is one of the [Scottish] Government’s national outcomes” (Scottish Planning Policy, para 125). This development cannot possibly meet this outcome.

    If the decision is made by the Enquiry Reporter to grant this application, we will surely open the floodgates to future applications. I just really hope that good sense will prevail.

    I was indifferent about windfarms until 2007. That was when I climbed the Monadh Liath Munro of Carn Sgulain and to my horror saw the large wind farm at Farr, fifteen miles away. My view changed rapidly. How was that development allowed to happen? How long will it be before you’ll be unable to climb any Munro without seeing a wind turbine? How can those who do care persuade the vast majority who don’t care to save the wild land that’s left?



    • heavywhalley says:


      Many thanks for your comments it is good to hear how your views have changed. The only thing we can do is support those who are fighting for our future, ” very little helps”.

      There are some great people out there who are doing their bit and we must try to get people aware what is happening!

      I will read John Etherington’s book called “The Wind Farm Scam”? He explains in reasonably intelligible language why windfarms are a scam, and how we as consumers are paying. Thanks for that and for the comments.

      Regards Heavy


      • David Steane says:

        Thanks Heavy – and keep up the good work at your end. I’ll continue to spread the message from my ‘soapbox’ – it just cannot be right to trash our environment in this (or any) kind of way.



      • heavywhalley says:

        Completely agreed quoted you on the Blog – will get the book and read some more.


  2. heavywhalley says:

    Fully agreed – will pass on your thoughts!


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