Thoughts after a sad day but a celebration of a good life.

Yesterday was the funeral of my lovely neighbour Pam, it was a hard day for the family and I was asked to speak at the funeral in the village of Burghead. This was a great honour for me to be asked and it was very difficult at times as these things are . The family just wanted me to say the words that I wrote on this wee blog as they felt they were right for the occasion. The day started at the crematorium  a fair drive away and Pam’s was taken on her last journey through the places she loved, a lovely thought. The Undertakers were all dressed in kilts and it was a powerful and lovely tribute to a fine lady. After this we traveled back and had a service of celebration in the Church in Burghead, it was packed and the service was one of joy. It is amazing how these old hymns no matter what your faith can rent the heart. As you get older you listen and read the words and they are poetry and a wonderful reflection on life, just like Pam was.

Pam Main

All things bright and beautiful

“Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings.

He made there glowing colours, He made their tiny wings”

There was a lovely picture of Pam as we left the church and a that brought a few more tears.  After the service, it was back to the village hall for the fellowship of refreshments a great end to the day. The food all locally made was lovely as were the ladies who looked after us. I made a mistake of saying the sausage rolls were excellent and we received several extra they were lovely. I managed to sneak out and walk home and soon there was a knock on the door. I was asked next door with the family and we had a great afternoon a few tears and lots of stories about Pam – ones that could not be told in the kirk!   On the way back a young deer ran in front of the car and the family said Pam would have loved to see that beautiful animal, she so loved wild life and flowers.  The 3 grand children arrived and they made the day, kids are incredible how they cope and can teach us so much. Pam was such  a lovely lady and I will miss her. These days make you more aware how precious life is and how we should look after those who mean so much to us.

If you love someone tell them, if you have fallen out over a trivial matter make it up. Never be afraid of giving a cuddle. Never put off what you need to do. I must get my next trip to see Lexi my wee grand daughter sorted out  at times even old tough mountaineers need a cuddle!

The beauty of Nature Photo - Yeni Harman collection

The beauty of Nature
Photo – Yeni Harman collection




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