A walk for a wild day – The Three rivers Walk ! The Findhorn, The Dorback and the Divie.

Incredible Colours on the Findhorn.

Incredible Colours on the  River Findhorn.

Yesterday I had planned to go out with some friends to celebrate Gus TaitsS 60 th birthday. We were going to go to a local hill Ben Rinnes but the forecast was wild with very high winds, so it was a local low level walk. I live in Morayshire and we are so blessed with places to go and we met at the local Logie Steading and amazingly  we all ignored the cafe and set of on the 3 rivers walk.

The first part of the walk.

The first part of the walk.

I know this part well and the wander along the path to the well known Randolphs Leap is a great walk, the leaves give you a carpet to walk on and the river powering by is an incredible force of nature. The sun and the trees gives a unique light and with the yellowing trees and it was enjoyable,

Oct river green Oct

The big floods of a few weeks ago have left there mark on the river and shows you the power of nature.  As for the rest It was windy when we arrived and yet very sunny and I had no clue what to expect.  I was expecting a couple of hours wander along by a river I know well and love, it was a wonderful walk with ever changing scenery and the trees and colours at this time of year were incredible.

A carpet of leaves  !

A carpet of leaves !

After this I was in mainly  new country and it was a great walk, all the time the wind would suddenly gust and leaves would flutter down into the river and the great trees that abound were incredible. At times you have to watch the path and  remembered a few interesting walks with the kids and the path being interesting and care is needed.

Huge tress and a few on the way smashed by the power of the river.

Huge tress and a few on the way smashed by the power of the river.

We never met a soul after Randolphs Leap and there is only one poor bit of the walk that is through the forestry and a bit muddy and wet. There were a few cries of “how much further” from guess who and that couple of miles hurt my hernia. We were soon back to the rivers and some great bridges all hammered again by the weather and the big storm.

Great bridges like a walk in the Himalayas?

Great bridges like a walk in the Himalayas?

Most of the boys had done the walk before and the second part was as good if not better, we passed a few massive houses hidden from view a different world. The bridges we crossed were incredible just like the Himalayas the was they  were swaying in the wind. The wee dog Cory getting carried by Gus across the bridge!



I was amazed that the walk took us 5 hours but it was enjoyable and what great views. Is it just me or do we do not show case our rivers enough? How can you not meet anyone away from the honey –  pot area of Randoplhs Leap?  As we passed it on the way back there was a big group of students kayakers out and changing by the road, they had a great day.

Bridge fun!

Bridge fun!

We were back at Logie Steading and had a great cup of tea and some cake, we had been on the go for 5 and half hours walked about 18 k and climbed a Munro in height. My hernia was aching on the way home and I did not make the celebration in Forres that night. That was a great wee walk and opened my eyes to my local area again.

3 Rivers Walk Map 27Feb14 (1)

Great day out thanks, even for the boggy bit.



The Three Rivers Walk

The familiar river  Findorn

Opens its secrets, again

The power of the river

The river banks landscaped by the power of water.

The huge magical trees  reach skywards.

Leaves falling like rain in the breeze.

A carpet of leaves on the path.

Easy walking!

The Bridges, some rickety all fun

The Three rivers a grand walk

Majestic Moray again?








The Dava Way Association provides the guides for this walk which explores the spectacular valleys of the Divie, Dorback and Findhorn. The guides provide information on the history of the area and introduce the walker to many majestic trees. The walk will skirt the edge of the Dava Moor and includes viewpoints south to the Cairngorms and north to the Moray Firth, weather permitting.  A visit to the café at Logie Steading and the River Findhorn Museum, or other facilities is an option on your return to Logie Steading.

Meet : Logie Steading (NJ006505 – take the B9007 road shortly after leaving the A940 at Logie)
Distance: 11 miles /18km (circular) Return: approx 4pm. Difficulty: 5 (strenuous) Climb just over a Munro in height! 935 metres.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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