Paul 5,000 MILES191 MARATHONS AROUND THE UK COASTLINE IN 218 DAYS1 March – 4 October 2022

I met Paul today after a message from a pal who had put him up as he runs round the UK coastline. He is an ex military veteran on a mission. British Army veteran Paul Minter, from Leamington, will begin his world record-setting run on March 1 – an incredible feat of athleticism and endurance which he hopes will raise funds for Head Up, a new mental health charity for the Armed Forces. We met in the forest where he was running with a local young soldier from Elgin “Mac” McKenzie Lewis. I took my bike and went to Hopeman with them where we were met by my friend Chris and his mate. Paul is a wonderful person who served 5 tours in Afghanistan and has seen so much. We had a great chat, he is as fit as a fiddle and a lovely person. Please if you can maybe meet him on his run or sponsor him.

This is from Chris Sutcliffe –

“Amazing support from the people of Moray today for Paul Minter. Paul is running 5000 miles around the UK coastline to raise money for an Armed Forces Mental Health Charity.

I dropped him off this morning at Forres Station and he set off in much better weather than he finished in last night.

A young chap called Mac, only 19 years old has joined him for the duration today and is heading for his longest run to date.

Then he met up with local legend Heavy David Whalley who joined us on his bike and gave some great support and publicity (apart from fat-shaming me 🤪)

Andy Bentley Odyssey Personal Training joined with me from Hopeman and enjoyed a fantastic run along the coast with amazing views

Lunch at Harbour Lights in Lossiemouth who were super interested in Paul’s story, and were kind enough to support him by donating lunch. And a delicious lunch it was.

I managed to ferry the boys across the river on my paddleboard (minus the fin) in a less than stylish, but ultimately successful taxi service. They then pressed on towards Garmouth to wrap up the day.

Finally, thanks to everyone who tooted their horns or stopped for a chat. It really is helping him get the word out about this fantastic cause.

Have a look at his website here:

You can also follow his progress on instagram and Facebook:

See how far he’s come, and how far he’s still got to go on the live tracker:

Most importantly, please have a look at what he’s doing, and why, and try to spread the word. He’s going to be doing this run until October and is keen for people to join him for as much or as little of the route as possible as he comes down the east coast of the UK and works his way back around to Liverpool, where he started.

Lastly, if you wish, you can donate here; every little helps!

Starting on the 1st of March 2022, to help fund The Retreat and bring awareness to our new charity, I will be running the coastlines of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Wight, and the Isle of Man – Over 5,000 miles in 218 days. This will be an unsupported challenge, to encourage establishments, organisations, businesses, groups, and individuals to run any section and distance with me, Forrest Gump style! Helping to raise funding and awareness.


I will be largely reliant on the good will of the general public for housing and respite during my journey across the UK. My tracking device will allow everyone to follow me along the entire route. Where you can join me or show your support where possible.

I will be running in a clockwise direction at all times, starting and finishing in Liverpool. Covering around 25-30 miles a day!

The Runner

Paul Minter served 18 years in the British Army as a reconnaissance soldier, completing five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Logistics

  • 1  man
  • 13 pairs of trainers
  • 28 miles covered a day
  • 171 running days
  • 191 marathons
  • 210 pairs of socks
  • 5,800 miles
  • 195,702 ft elevation
  • 769,600 kcal burned
  • 9,176,000 steps taken


Paul will be running for a total of 171 days, with 47 rest days, in a 21-day cycle – six days’ running, resting on the seventh and every 21 days taking a three-day rest, then restarting the cycle.

Lossiemouth. Photo Chris Sutcliffe

Phill account:

I had to add on an extra 6 miles to my run this morning due to the diversion I was forced to take yesterday. So by the time I got to my original start point (Findhorn) I had already run a fair distance. But it is all part of the journey and was fully embraced?

A young 19-year-old called Mackenzie Lewis, joined me for the day. I had never met him before and he has recently joined the Army in the REME. He Heard about my run, The charity and the cause and decided he wanted to be part of it and help raise some money. The furthest Mac had ever ran before today was 18 miles, But he got in over 30 today. Young man with a lot of maturity and promise for the future.

I was also joined by one of Scotland’s most experienced mounting climber rescue instructors, Heavy. Who is a fantastic man and an ambassador for mental health. I was also joined by Andy and Chris who I stayed with last night.

Chris paddle boarded us over a small stream which was hilarious as we nearly fell in.

Overall a fantastic day and another day closer to the end of the run in October 👀

To donate please see bio or link below:


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